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Created to Soar Ministries was founded in early 2019 by Anne Donaldson following a number of prophetic words.

Created to Soar Ministries facilitates connections between our ongoing ministry either with local churches or opportunities to partner with others across the world. It is an apostolic, Spirit led ministry working alongside other leaders, joining them in shared vision for God's Kingdom. Through multiple unique expressions, Created to Soar Ministries helps to equip the church through promoting Biblical understanding, building up, nurturing, encouraging and investing in leaders.

Equip – Build – Nurture – Encourage – Invest


Created to Soar Ministries is underpinned by prayer, and passionately believes that God has created us to display, portray and carry His Glory; that as a people, the Church on Earth needs to awaken and arise into its calling to be His witness and the image of Him to the, as yet, unbelieving society in which we live.

In order to be those who live gloriously, we have to understand our true identity, and who God is for us. We believe that as Christians what we say and do should line up with what we believe; that our total lifestyle be in alignment with God's Spirit within, and be the people who carry God's presence.


Prayer – Passion –Identity - Arise – Portray – Presence


I was born and brought up in a Christian home, but it was whilst studying Luke's Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles for my 'O' Levels that I was challenged with the fact that if this was true then it was the most dynamic thing in the world. I accepted the offer of new life in and through Jesus Christ as a teenager at a weekly Interdenominational Youth Event in 1971. 

Equipped for Ministry

In 1985 my local Church organised some excellent teaching on the work and person of the Holy Spirit. At the final evening people were invited for prayer in an adjoining room and when I went for prayer, the visiting preacher gave me this word that "God had called me to preach His Word in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the end of the Earth". I experienced a powerful release of the Holy Spirit and was equipped by the Spirit for the call. I have been a preacher and conference speaker for over 30 years.


In the Spring of 2001 I received a diagnosis of Non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Days after being told, I had an experience of God during the night when I"felt" His hand resting on my head as a gentle pressure, and I heard in my head, not audibly, God say "This sickness will not lead to your death but it will be a testimony to the nations of My power and Glory". It wasn't until the cancer reached the final stages in August 2006 and the Doctors gave one last treatment,that God healed me. I am healed of cancer after holding onto His Word.


I have kept a personal journal over the past 25 years, of words given to me. Throughout the years there has been an overriding reference to a global call to preach His Word. In October 2018 whilst on a short term mission in Peru, God said NOW is the time to fly. In response to His call I have formed 'Created to Soar Ministries - with Anne Donaldson' and I am ready to be obedient to respond. His call on me is clearly for His Church whatever the denomination. 

Ministry Partners

FACT (Future After Childhood Trauma) – Mutai, Jinja, Uganda

At FACT each child has experienced some childhood trauma, such as being abandoned, found by police wandering and fending for themselves, orphaned when a mother or grandmother dies, whatever the circumstances each child has dire needs. The vision of providing a place they can call home, is the vision of Director, Paul Tenwya.


Teenage Mother Project – Freedom Christian Centre, Kampala, Uganda

This project began in 2020 when Pastor Richard and his wife, Imelda, saw the impact of COVID in their community for young pregnant and nursing mothers, many of them were 16 years and under.  Nearly all were abandoned by the fathers of the babies or rejected by parents and community.


Kamuli Education Project – Kamuli, Uganda

This is a project training those who left education early or were never given the opportunity to go to school.  Students can enrol on a course to learn a skill that will provide them with sufficient knowledge to start their own business and become self-sufficient. We pay the monthly salary of one of the ten teachers who is also a pastor and in addition to teaching baking skills, leads worship, bible study and prayer with the students each week.


Cephas Leadership Foundation – Mukono, Uganda

This organisation supports Christian pastors and leaders through pastoral and professional coaching, counselling and training with a vision to motivate pastors and leaders to become more effective, relevant, organised and resourceful








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Created to Soar Ministries with Anne Donaldson Created to Soar Ministries is a registered recipient with Stewardship, who have set up a support fund for the ministry. You can support us by making gifts to Stewardship for our fund by clicking here. Where applicable, the value of your gifts may be increased by use of Gift Aid (worth 25% if you are a UK taxpayer)



For more information, or to enquire about booking Anne to speak, you can contact her on 07964775701 or fill out the contact form above

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